Are you happy with who you are?

Are you happy with who you are? If yes, good for you. If not, why? A lot of people don’t like themselves with the way they look for example, their skin color. Other people might make you feel insecure because they’re not happy with the way they look.

We can help people feel good about themselves by not saying bad things about the way they look. Everybody is beautiful in different ways. If everyone looked the same, it would be very boring. Would you like it when other make fun of you? How would you feel?

In my opinion, when others tease you, you just ignore them. They’ll get bored that it’s not affecting you in anyway, and they will leave you alone. Some people won’t leave you alone. When that happens, you need to tell a trusted adult such as parents, teachers, or guardians.

Some people get badly hurt by what others say, and they commit suicide. We need to help those people by not judging how they look or telling them how they should look.  To understand how they feel, try putting yourself in their shoes. If you know anyone who is feeling insecure about how they look, and trying to commit suicide, let someone know. Tell them to see a therapist, trust me, it really does work!

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