Talons of Power

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Book Review by Children
Author: Tui T. Sutherland
Review By: V. Sahana
Grade: 4

I read another Wings of Fire book. It is book nine, the talons of power.

The main character is a dragon named Turtle. He isn’t one of the heroes that he reads in stories. If he were he could use his animus power to help Pyrrhia. But instead, he keeps his powers a secret even from his own sisters.

Now that Darkstalker has returned Turtle knows his own role is simple. The other dragons at Jade Mountain Academy think Darkstalker is fascinating. They also seem convinsed that the ancient dragon has changed. Turtle isn’t so sure about that but the more he watches Darkstalker from the shadows the more he knows that someone needs to stop the powerful Dragon. But Turtle is also running out of time to find someone which means he might have to try to save the day himself.

Who is Darkstalker? Darktalker is an ancient Nightwing who lived thousands of years ago. He was betrayed by his ex friend Fathom. Fathom was a Seawing dragon who trapped Darkstalker under the Mountain because he was too powerful and dangerous. He killed his own father, and other dragons. Darkstalker and Fathom were both animus dragons. Darkstalker is evil and hates Seawings because of Fathom. He wants to destroy Turtle and his sister because they are descendants of Fathom. Darkstalker enchants Anemone but Turtle gives up his hideing stick and gives it to her. Darkstalker thinks he is doing all the right things but he is becoming too dangerous for Pyrrhia.

I like the part when Turtle gave up hideing and when he gave his hideing stick to one of his sisters, Anemone. Because if he hides from everything, he will never be the hero he wanted to be. With the hiding stick Anemone could be invisible to Darkstalker. He would never be able to see Anemoney anywhere in his future, like she doesn’t exist.

Another thing I like in Talons of power is when Turtle thought he could not do it his friends believed in him no matter what. They just trusted him and supported him well.

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