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The Lost Continent

The Lost Continent

Wings of fire review
Author: Tui T. Sutherland
Review By: Sahana
Class: 4

I read another Wings of Fire book. It’s called “The Lost Continent.” It is book eleven.

Blue is a Silkwing who lives in a new conitnent called Pantala and it has lots and lots of hives, hives that Pyrrhia doesn’t have. Life in the hive is safe. Blue loves his family. He has enough to eat. He can also remember that Silkwings and Hivewings live and work together in harmony. Because they stay safe no one has seen a dangerous Leafwing in years. Now, Blue’s sister Luna is in her metamorphosis. Blue knows things are going to change. Luna will have her wings and silk, and be assined to a partner and work order. She will have to move to another hive. Then a few days later Blue’s wings and silk will come in!

But nothing can prepare Blue for what happens next when Luna’s wings start to grow. Then suddenly his world is turned upside down, throwing him into dangers he never knew existed. Pantala isn’t as peasful as he thout, and Blue isn’t safe.

Whether he is ready or not, it is time to adapt and fight for his life.

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If you like dragons, you will definitely like this book. You should get it!

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