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The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate

The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate

Book Reviews by Children
Author: Margaret Mahy
Illustrator: Margaret Chamberlain
Review By: Anaya Patel
Class: 3

In this book, a man has a boring job in the office but his mother was a pirate. She was old now and said she wanted to see the sea again and the waves jump in surprise.

The man told his boss he is going to take his mother to the beach. But he has only a wheelbarrow and so he pushed his mother in the wheelbarrow. Then they went to the sea.

On the way they met a farmer and the farmer asked them where they were going. The man told him he is taking his mother to the sea because she was a pirate. The farmer said, don’t go.

After that they met a philosopher and he asked them where he was going. He said ‘I’m taking my mother to the sea.’ The philosopher said ‘don’t go’. But the man said he heard a song and he thought it was the sea and he will like it.

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When the man saw the sea, it was so big. The man and his mother danced. Then a sea captain gave them both jobs and they went on the ship to be near the sea always.

I think it is cool to that the man’s mother is a pirate. I like the part where the man saw the sea for the first time but I don’t want to work on a ship. I went on a boat once and it made me feel dizzy. It is not a nice feeling. It kept rocking and I wanted to come back to the land.

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