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Vikram and Betaal-Superstition

Vikram and Betaal-Superstition

Vikram and Betaal podcast

How does one persevere in a task that is perilous and shows no sign of success? What makes some people show perseverance where others give up after multiple failures? King Vikramaditya certainly had that ability to stay motivated. Was it because he considered this task a challenge, or was it because he had given his word and wouldn’t go back on it now? Whatever his reason, Vikramaditya was in the graveyard, finding his way to the peepal tree, the home of the vampire in its corpse.

The rains had stopped, and sprigs shot out from plants believed to be dead. But no,  the dead did not rise from the ashes, just troubled souls wandering, looking for justice or peace as the case may be. Vikrama ignored the sounds and sights and went straight to the peepal tree.

The corpse on his shoulders, he made his way back to the camp where the soldiers waited for him. He knew the silence would not last long.

Oh, king!” the mocking voice called out to him. “Do you think that I’ll bring you good luck? Or is it fear that it will bring you bad luck if you don’t take me to the hermit? Which is it? I hope you know that you shouldn’t waste your time on superstitions. Listen to the story of Sasidhar. It may help clear your mind.

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Vikram and Betaal Podcast

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