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Vikram and Betaal-Friendship

Vikram and Betaal-Friendship

Vikram and Betaal

King Vikram stepped on the roots sticking out from the ground. His feet wobbled, and he reached out to the tree trunk to steady himself. The bark was sticky in the rain. “Oh, never mind that!” Vikram thought. Just as he reached over and grabbed hold of the corpse hanging from the nearest branch, a lightning bolt lit up the graveyard briefly. It was enough for Vikram to see the vampire grinning from inside the skull.

Vikram shook his head and lowered himself onto the ground. Then he began his long march back to the camp where his guards waited for him.

The sound of the rain muffled every other noise. But the vampire was hanging from Vikram’s shoulder after all.

“Oh, king Vikrama, another night, another long march. I applaud your determination. But I ask you again, do you know if the hermit is really your wellwisher? Could he be taking advantage of you? Listen to my story. It may give you some insight along this journey.”

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