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The Brightest Night

The Brightest Night

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Author: Tui T. Sutherland
Review by: V. Sahana
Grade: 4

I read a book called The Brightest Night. It is a chapter book from the Wings of Fire series. It is the last book, book five.

The main character is a dragon called Sunny. Her friends are Glory, Clay, Starflight and the last one is Tsunami. The five friends are called the Dragonet Prophecy.

The five dragons are supposed to end a war by picking a Sandwing queen. But They are not sure. A huge grown dragon named Morrowseer who is an evil mean dragon, told them that the Nightwing dragons made up the prophecy. It made the five friends very angry.

But Sunny is kidnapped by the Nightwings and she has to escape to come back to the rainforest. She even meets her mother whose name is Thorn. Sunny is the one who figures out how to end the war.

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After the five dragons end the war, they choose a Sandwing queen!

My favourite part in this story was the Dragonets’ song. It is very mistiriyus. I wish I could see the dragons on earth. It will be so cool to live with them!

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