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Little Vinayak

Little Vinayak

Children's book by Indian authors
Author: Shobha Viswanath
Illustrated by: Shilpa Ranade
Review by: Aruna Sriram
Class: 4

I read a book called Little Vinayak.

It’s about a baby elephant named Vinayak and he is always unhappy because he fell on his trunk a hundred times! He cepped tripping on his trunk because the trunk was tooooo long and it was bigger than him!! So, to solve the problem, his mother tied a big knot so he woodent trip all the time. But soon the trunk got undone again!

All of his cousins laughed at him and some of them teased him too. His friend Mika, the Monkey never laughed or teased Vinayak. Mika rolled VInayak’s trunk but it unrolled. Then they cept trying but the trunk unrolled again!

One day, a visiter came to the forest. It was another kind of elephant. The elephant was huge and his name was Tembo. But the incredible thing about him was he had a trunk much bigger than Vinayak couole ever imagine. SO Vunayak asked Tembo for help because he also had a very long trunk like him.

The big elephant and Vinayak went somewhere no one could disterb them. They cept pratising until Vinayak got it. Then the hole herd joined and danced wile Mika clapped and Tembo and Vinayak sang a song.

Something like that happens to me sometimes. Somethings are too big for me like my clothes. To solve that problem I didn’t do what Vinayak did. I just waited so I could grow and the clothes could fit me just right.

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I think it’s nice that Vinayak has a friend that doesn’t tease him but tris to help him. And it’s also nice there is an adult with a long trunk that also tris to teach him.

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