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Mama, What is the Night?

Mama, What is the Night?

Indian children's books
Author: Manjula Padmanabhan
Review by: Jessy David
Class: 3

I read a book called, “Mama, What is the Night?”

It’s about a little girl who asks the worm, owl and the fireflys what’s the night. First she asks the worm. The worm says, “We know dark and we know light, But nothing much of day or night!”! That’s all I can say!”

Then the little girl asks the owl and the owl replis and says, “Your night is my day! That’s all I can say!”

Then at last she asks the fireflys, “What’s the night? And the firelfys say “The night is when we find our friends! We flash…we meet! We blink…we greet! We fill the night with friendly light!”

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I like it that the girl can talk to all these animals. I wish I could also talk to animals. But it can’t happen in real life

The thing that happens to me from the book is that sometimes I also wonder what words like humble, warts mean. So if I don’t know what those things mean I ask my family members to help me.

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