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Harry The Dirty Dog

Harry The Dirty Dog

Book Reviews by Children
Author: Gene Zion
Illustrated By: Margaret Bloy Graham
Review by: Jyoti F
Grade: 4

I read a book called Harry the Dirty Dog.

It’s about a dog named Harry who hates baths just like cats. So one morning, Harry herd the bath water running. He knew the humans were going to give him a bath. So he took the scrubber and hid it in the backyard. Then he ran away from home.

Harry got dirtier and dirtier wherever he went. Then insted of a white dog with black spots, he was a black dog with whight spots. After that he riturned home. But his masters/owners thought he was not Harry even if he did his old tricks over and over again.

Harry dug out the scrub he hid and ran inside. After the little kids washed him, they were very very very happy to see Harry again!

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My favorite part was when harry riturned home again.

Once it happened to my older/middle sister. She went way from the house walking without telling our mom. I wish I had a dog. But my mom won’t alow it even when I begged her!!!! If I had a dog I would do everything I was told!

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