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Nandu’s Friend

Nandu’s Friend

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Nandhu stood on the doorsteps and stared at the moving cart. The kids in that cart were chatting away in excitement. It was the first day of school, and they were showing off their bright new uniforms and school bags. Nandhu longed to be on his way to that school.

Nandhu was seven years old. He had lost his father when he was a baby and lived with his mother. She did odd jobs in people’s homes and earned some money. There was never enough food at home. It would be impossible for her to send Nandhu to school with the others. Nandhu understood that his mother tried her best. And so he kept quiet.

Nandhu’s mother knew how much he wanted to go to school. She decided to take him to the small school in the neighbouring village.

A few days later, Nandhu held his mother’s hand and walked over to the school. The path wound through a thick forest. Nandhu felt eyes looking at him through the leaves and heard the hiss of breath. What was that cry? What beasts lurked here? Was it just his imagination or was something behind those big leaves?

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Nandhu’s Friend
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