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Vikram and Betaal- Charity

Vikram and Betaal- Charity

Vikram and Betaal

King Vikramaditya lowered his foot slowly. The rushing water washed his other foot, and something lay tangled around it. Vikram broke the overhanging branch and shoved whatever it was back into the water. He did not want to see what it was. Then he reached over and grabbed the corpse. Its ghoulish grin mocked him as he swung it over his shoulder. Vikram ignored it and began to walk back. He did not have to wait for long.

“Oh King, I can’t understand why you do the hermit’s bidding. Do you trust his motives? Is he genuinely interested in helping your people, or do you think he has an ulterior reason? Do you even know how to tell the difference?

Let me tell you the story of Dinakar, a well-liked young man, and his sudden generosity. Maybe, that’ll give you an understanding into the hermit’s mind.”

The vampire began his story…

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