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Vikram and Betaal-Helping the Needy

Vikram and Betaal-Helping the Needy

Vikram and Betaal

The jagged bolts of lightning lit up the graveyard. The sound of the rushing streams drowned the noise of the rain. Vikram’s foot sunk into the slushy ground. He stopped, pulled his leg with force, and moved towards the Peepal tree. Another bolt of lightning showed him the way to the hanging corpse. Vikram steadied himself on the roots of the tree and pulled the corpse onto his shoulder. Now he had to walk back without losing his charge.

Would the vampire be quiet on this noisy night? Oh No! It didn’t care if the sun shone or the clouds poured. The Betaal had its plan.

“Oh King, so even a thunderstorm can’t keep you away from the graveyard on this moonless night! Why, but why do you do this? Do you help everyone who comes to you? Must you go to such lengths to help the hermit? But do you know if he is worthy of your help? Listen to my story, for I think It will make you stop and think about what you do.”

The Betaal began his story.

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Listen and enjoy!

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