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Caterpillar Summer

Caterpillar Summer

book review by kids
Author: Gillian McDunn
Review by: Myra Khanna
Grade: 4

This book is about a girl named Cat who always tries to look after her little brother, Chicken. It takes a lot of work to look after him but Cat does it. She has been the only thing holding her family together ever since her dad died. 

This book has 4 main Fs which are Family, Forgiveness, Friendship, & FISHING! 

Cat was really excited to go to Georgia and getting to see her best friend, but the trip didn’t go exactly as it was supposed to. Cat and Chicken ended up staying with her grandparents. She never met them before and thought of them as strangers on an island. But Cat gets through this and starts to think of the island as her second home. 

The island is great but something caused Cat’s mom to turn away from this perfect life and break away from her family. Cat is determined to find out why her mom did this and bring the family back together. 

I really liked this book because it shows that even if something does not start like you wanted it to, like Cat and Chicken being left on the island with “strangers”, great things will still happen like Cat making friends and having a good time on the island. 

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If I were in Cat’s place, I probably would have tried to find out as much as I can about the grandparents and tried to bond with them as much as I can. I also would have done some behind their back research by asking as many people as I could about what they knew about the grandparents to see if I could find out WHY my mom broke away. Lastly, I would have taken care of my little brother the same way Cat took care of hers. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it shows us all not one but multiple important lessons we all need to know. That and it’s really entertaining!

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