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Personal Space

Personal Space

Everyone needs their space, right? And there are certain places that we like to go when we’re upset.  For example: Our room, backyard, mall, or friend’s house.  A lot of teenager’s love staying in their rooms. When they’re sad, or upset about something, they go to their room. They take their anger out in their room so that others don’t get hurt.

For me, I love my room. I can spend more than five hours inside. My room is very cheerful in the entire house. I come up with different ideas to make my room look joyful. I do arts & crafts and use them to decorate my room. Some people like their room to be girly; some features might include glitters; dolls; hearts; and all kind of cute things in their room. And some like their room boyish; some features might include sports things having; superheroes posters; etc.

Also, kids like their room the way they want it. Their room is their own personal space. And, people don’t like it when someone comes to their personal space. The owner of the room can make their room like creepy, wacky, or beautiful. It’s their choice. Some people have to share their personal space with their sibling, and I don’t think they like that, do you?

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