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The Peacock and the Lizard

The Peacock and the Lizard

By Aditya Goswami

Once upon a time, there lived a peacock. When he was asleep suddenly a lizard came and sat upon him! The peacock woke up angrily and told the lizard, “You will be punished for breaking the National Bird of India’s sleep!” The lizard pleaded, “Please forgive me, I was just going through my way! I did it accidentally! Sorry!’ The peacock told,”Okay I will forgive you but see and move!” The Lizard told, “Thank You! If anyone else was there he would not have forgiven me!”

The next day the peacock was going for a walk, suddenly a hunter came and trapped the peacock. The same time the lizard was walking by. The lizard saw the peacock and thought,”I must help the peacock!” And the lizard jumped upon the hunter. The hunter seeing the ugly lizard threw everything and ran away in fear. Thus the lizard saved the peacock. The peacock and lizard became friends and they lived happily ever after!

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